08.03.2021 - 30.05.2021

Miriam Vlaming

Miriam Vlaming – ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE

Miriam Vlaming


Exhibition from March 7th to April 30th, 2021

Miriam Vlaming is considered to be one of the most important representatives of the so-called New Leipzig School, with the figurative aspect and nature appearing as equal aspects in her oeuvre. Born in Düsseldorf, she studied at the Leipzig University of Graphics and Book Art in the class of Arno Rink, graduated with distinction in 1999 and subsequently became his master class student (“Meisterschülerin”).

Miriam Vlaming’s mysterious world of images moves in a symbiotic field of tension between human and nature. In her large-format pictures, painted in egg tempera, the painter breaks the boundaries between the past and reality and creates a coherent coexistence of supposed opposites through shadowy overlays that are created by the application and removal of paint. “It’s the breaks and contradictions that interest me … the moment after or before something happened … not the great history.” With her pictures, Miriam Vlaming puzzles the viewer with images that are reminiscent of old photographs, the motifs of which remain vague and offer no clear interpretation. The multi-layered glazes give an idea of ​​what cannot be subjectively grasped. Miriam Vlaming’s pictures alternate between figuration and abstraction, form and dissolution. Individual islands of color and ambiguous visual elements and image content open up their own perspectives and possibilities for interpretation to the recipient of her works. The images defy a fixed reading and interpretation. Miriam Vlaming acts as a “visual anthropologist” (Susanne Altmann) who plays with many metaphors and creates a touching cosmos of images. Her works are represented in important public collections and museums, including the Von der Heydt – Museum in Wuppertal, the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig, the ALTANA Kulturstiftung, the art collection of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Berlin, and the Robert Bosch GmbH corporate collection, Stuttgart.

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