11.06.2019 - 16.06.2019

Paper Positions Basel 2019

Solo Show / Aatifi / Booth #19

GALERIE VON & VON is pleased to present the calligrapher, printmaker and artist AATIFI in a solo show (booth # 19) at Paper Positions Basel from June 11 to 16, 2019 as part of 29 top-class exhibitors.

Only a trained calligrapher like Aatifi, who has learned the rules of this traditional art for decades and masters it in his sleep, can dare to break through precisely this stringent set of rules so carefreely in order to put his works in a completely new context: the calligrapher, Painter & graphic artist with Afghan roots combines the tradition of centuries-old Arabic calligraphy to the free expression of contemporary art – and withstands the extraordinarily demanding balancing act between mastering characteristic letter proportions and creating your own, detached visual language. His works are part of important high expert committees and museum collections.

The clarity and monumentality of the elements show a radical dynamic that runs like a red thread through his entire work, although he doesn’t pay respect to the congruence or competition of the individual forms. The focus is on the carefree dance of letters, which takes the viewer on a journey into unknown realms. Even without a linguistic background, everyone can feel the beauty of the color, the tension of the forms and the spatial effect.