27.09.2018 - 30.09.2018

POSITIONS Berlin 2018

Gunda Förster, Miriam Vlaming, Constantin Schroeder & Leszek Skurski

Gunda Förster· GALERIE VON&VON / Contemporary Art / Art Gallery / Artist

This year’s edition of POSITIONS Berlin will take place in Tempelhof Airport, booth B13. We are pleased to present four positions on 60 square meters:

Gunda Förster: The internationally renowned light artist (* 1967) is one of the most important architectural art positions  with permanent works in public spaces from the City Hall in Vancouver to the German Bundestag. Förster has held a professorship for art in the context of architecture and design at the University of Wismar since 2015. The artist is represented in various collections and has already been awarded several prizes. 

Miriam Vlaming: As a master student of Prof. Arno Rink, the important representative of the New Leipzig School (* 1971) is a prominent graduate of the Leipzig School of Graphics and Book Art. For some time she also studied in the class of Neo Rauch. Vlaming is part of numerous public collections and museums such as the art collection of the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt. The “Human Nature” catalog has recently been published by Kerber Verlag and the artist is represented in major solo exhibitions.

Constantin Schroeder: The Berlin painter, who was born in Hamburg in 1980, enters unreal and dreamlike pictorial worlds in his mostly large-format and predominantly photorealistic images. His works enter the depths of the unconscious and the area of ​​experience limited by human logic through expanding into the fantastic and the absurd. The focus is usually on the isolation of the individual. Schroeder is looking for human reality in the unconscious and utilizes dreams in the process. 

Leszek Skurski: The artist, born in Gdansk in 1973, shows boundless spatial worlds with a focus on individual, vaguely depicted people. How can the galloping changes that our societies are experiencing today be made tangible? Skurski’s figurative painting raises this question by reproducing almost unimportant scenes from everyday life. Although his works belong to representational painting, the people he sketched approach the abstract field. 

In addition, we are pleased that Marco Stanke & Eyrich von Motz, who have already shown their works in this year’s exhibition “PLAYGROUND”, will present two young positions in the POSITIONS Academy section.